CTF: Your flag is nowhere to be seen… oh wait!

  • I can’t see my teams CTF flag anywhere, it’s not on our flag for me.
    OH WAIT! It’s actually in the far left top corner…
    I wonder… not trying to sound rude but, how do you screw up even on that?
    ANOTHER bug, which is actually just a type. It says “2 out of 3 Mason flags captured”. This is wrong, since it’s the Masons who have taken the flags. And it is NOT their flags they take, since the one they capture is blue.
    EDIT 2:
    ANOTHER THING: It says DRAW when no one won, even when one team have more points than the other. This is probably not a bug, but I think the win should go to the team with most points. But who know… it’s … we’re talking about…

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