Flinching doesn't reset block

  • I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it can make people combo you to death while you don’t have a chance… So flinching resets your swing if you’re in wind up, but it doesn’t reset block. Is that a bug or not?

  • Not flinching out of parry is not a bug.

  • Oh, so that means MaA and Archers with daggers can just keep slashing and stabbing you while you’re confused with your view shaking just because of one missed block?
    I guess this is the wrong place for this…

  • Most weapons aren’t capable of hitting you twice before you can parry again, and those that do take a rather large number of hits to kill. It’s about not panicking in those situations, when you try to counter attack spam with block spam you’re bound to fail because blocks are intentionally made to not be spammable. Sometimes you have to recognize that you’re going to eat two hits and save your followup block for the third.

  • Aha I see! But then there’s the problem that MaA can 2 hit you when you’re Vanguard or lower, when (I think) do overheads twice, and hit your head. So good MaA’s can basically rule the world if they succeed their feints.

  • You don’t always have to absorb hits, it’s most common with daggers, which won’t kill a VG in 2 shots but attacks really fast. Most of the time with an MaA feint what will happen is:

    MaA feints you
    you parry
    he hits you

    You will have enough time against any MaA primary (normally) to then parry the second attack. If what happens is

    MaA feints you
    you parry
    he hits you
    you parry because you thought you could parry before he hit you

    Then you will likely have a de-syncronization (timing, not like an internet desync) between when you can parry the next attack and when his strike lands.

    If you fell for a feint (honestly no way not to on MaA primary stabs due to their quick release times- you MUST parry or be hit anyway) then don’t try to parry unless he takes a good long pause in the next attack (most often he’ll feint and attack right away, though). Try to use footwork, ducks, etc. to get out of the way of his attack. Parrying late on a successful feint/attack will only make matters worse.

    If you’re a VG with a claymore (the really really really long dagger) you have a fairly decent chance of hitting him, flinching him, and then successfully stabbing before he recovers from flinch, however. That WILL 2 shot a VG or MaA, but it’s not consistent and I imagine there are factors that aren’t intended involved.

  • the problem is the flinch time being longer then maa’s and archers swing times, not the swing times themsleves.

    the flinch needs to be lowered to .25 and you should be able to block and switch weapons to block at .10 of that .25 to have truly fair a fully working combat system, the way it is now is majorly flawed.

    this would also help smooth out the wonky slow combat feeling the game has now, combined with the bugs and glitches it really makes it hard to have fun.

  • I think you should be able to start switching your weapon while flinched, because it’s slow enough as it is, but it doesn’t need to be sped up. And flinch times much lower than .6 would be silly for big slow weapons.

    I personally think each weapon and should have it’s own flinch time that it causes instead of just 1h/2h categories.

  • @dudeface:

    I personally think each weapon and should have it’s own flinch time that it causes instead of just 1h/2h categories.

    Now that there’s a good idea. That would ensure that weapons wouldn’t be flinching and able to hit before flinch was done.

  • thats one of the main points of been trying to make for months my friend.
    no swing times need to be adjusted just the flinch lowered, and allowing blocking and wep switching to block at sum point of the flinch time.

    only then will the combat become sumwhat fair and play way better and run smoother and no one would be whining op about anything. its so simple of a concept and the true cause of 99% of the nerfs, im glad sum of you are agreeing with me now. :D

  • You people are brilliant!

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