• Hello,

    This is a topic that has been previously discussed, but to my knowledge and per my investigation, there is STILL NO WORKAROUND for the issues of resolution in Nvidia Surround. My Setup is 5760x1080, which is the standard 3-monitor 1080 resolution.

    When the use of this resolution is attempted, sections of the screen are cut off, and issues with FOV (Field of View) are beyond noticeable. Below are screenshots of the issues we are facing. For the sake of simplicity, I left the bezel correction off for this post. The field of view (FOV) is at 120, for it displays the BEST that this setup currently has to offer.

    1)CHAT on LEFT <–-, and KILL LIST on RIGHT —> are almost completely hidden.
    2)Servers, Favorites ex. tabs in server list are cut off.
    3)FOV is poor, leaving not enough room to see the ground (this results in a feeling of traveling slowly) and great difficulty judging distance. makes higher level play virtually impossible.
    4)Score screen has cut off game timer and server name is unreadable.
    5)Overall experience is LESS THAN if you had standard resolution.

    I understand nothing is perfect, but I would appreciate concentration on this issue form the development team at Torn Banner.

    If anyone has any news, help or otherwise constructive opinions/ideas about this specific issue, I encourage you to respond.

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    Technical data of machine: i7 2600k@3.8, EGVA GTX680 4GB running v326.80 , 16GB RAM.

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