Weapon speed bug/problem

  • I noticed that EVERYONE ELSES weapons are faster than mine, even if we have the same. It might even happen when I have a short sword and they have the hammer. It PISSES me off so much, since it’s very VERY unfair, and I die because of bad connections. I don’t even thing it has to do anything with the response time(ping) since it started to happen when I got better ping.

  • You can adjust your swing by looking in different directions. If you’re starting your windup and you see another guy is starting his windup at the same time drag your mouse so you hit him first, whatever direction that may be (look down for overheads, look left a bit for reg swings, look right a bit for alt swings, etc.).

  • Oh right, mouse-dragging >.>
    Well, thanks for the tip!

  • Mouse-dragging is not the case though since ALL attacks are faster, even stabs.
    This also makes feint over powered A LOT, since there is almost no swing (the opposite one to wind-up).

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