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  • I’ve been playing Chivalry a lot recently and have, of course, come across the official servers hosted on Multiplay and played on a few of them.
    Unfortunately, no matter on which server I played, there were always a lot of lag spikes which were not only experienced by me, but by all players. And they were also not only occurring on few days, but at least on every day of the past weeks. I remember playing on one of those servers for the first time and asking if anyone else was experiencing lag. Several people told me it’s the hoster Multiplay and after having played on them for quite some time, I can only agree with them.
    I’ve also played on a few other servers where I did NOT experience any lag.

    Maybe a change of host would resolve this?

    I would really like to hear your thoughts on this (as to if you’ve experienced the same or not)

  • I believe Torn Banner has already, or is currently looking into this. See this post viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16034

    I’m unsure about what they decided to do though.

  • @Shellshock:

    I would really like to hear your thoughts on this (as to if you’ve experienced the same or not)

    Oh yeah, every 1-2 hours everyone starts running forward into walls. Pay attention to when this happens, because one of the key skills in the game is:

    Swing as wildly as you can towards their player model when you see the spike happen. It’s 50/50 at this point, you want to swing more. Don’t worry, you don’t have stamina. Just swing. LMBs work best, they cover the most ground. Score if you have a zweihander, you can cover a good 1/4 to 1/2 the arena with swings before the spike ends.

    Protip: if another player kills YOU during the lag spike quickly accuse them of being a witch.

  • Mutliplay is pretty shocking, I don’t think they’re load balancing their servers accordingly.

    In Australia at least, the Mutliplay server in Sydney is pretty over utilized at the moment, I also think there’s an issue with one of the ISPs major nodes in Syndey/NSW. Sometimes during the afternoon, everyone will jump to 100+ ping. I’ve obtained Trace routes off some of the players and it’s the same Optus hop that’s acting up.

  • cmon be fair, this has only been an issue since november 2012. i’m sure TB will sort this in no time, it’s hardly as if they are wasting all of their time and resources on a terrible “super cool expansion” that could charitably be described as looking like an over-ambitious mod!

  • Yeah, they’re pretty bad.

    From my personal experience, it isn’t as big a deal if you stick to the 16/24 player servers, if you really have to use the official ones (btw: this is based on no technical understanding whatsoever - just seems that way to me). Luckily in the EU there are a few decent private servers with a good variety of game modes, but I imagine this problem can get fairly frustrating if those aren’t available to you.

  • or visit the wonderful well-adminned world of clanservers (not provided by multiplay)), such as in my sig :D

    From a personal perspective multiplay in the UK (when my clan was running BF2/BC2/BF3/L4D) was always decent quality servers albeit at premium prices. They’re international so it’s commonplace for them to be picked as global partners to game devs.

  • Unfortunately, I’ve once played a match with over 40 players and didn’t really enjoy it much. I’m all in for supporting such a high player count and maybe even play on such a server from time to time, but I mostly enjoy playing with a max. player count of 24/ 26 or 32.

    Also, lag spikes are still there. They’re charging 38 Euro for a 32 Slots server (that lags!) while you can easily get one for 24 Euro, which is also more likely not to lag…

    I also see no point in providing any traces/ ping statistics etc. when it’s clearly the server host’s fault. And well, it isn’t my money, but I wouldn’t pay money for a service that clearly doesn’t meet any requirements set beforehand and even worse, requires you to do trouble-shooting while the problem is clearly on the other end.

  • Storytime:
    I played on an official server today, it was awful so I left.

  • SimRai is so much better and cheaper at the same time.

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