My questions about fists and some Steam achievments

  • Hail! I have four questions:

    1. Is it possible to parry enemy weapons by fists?
    2. What are the statistics of fists? Damage, speed, reach?
    3. Fists kills don’t count to the “Fists of Fury” Steam achievment. Do you have this problem too?
    4. There are some Steam achievments to be unlocked on training mode: “It gets easier”, “It was him or me”, and “A warrior is made, not born”. I completed the training mode but I don’t have these achievments. Another bug. Do you have this problem too?

    And it also don’t counts “It was just a flesh wound”.

  • Don’t think you can parry weapons with fists :P

    The steam achievements are a bit bugged at the moment. The devs saying will be fixed in next patch ™

    Damage type depends on who you hit and where, but a nice spreadsheet is Here

  • Thanks for answer.

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