Would the devs like some data?

  • I’ve been running B3 on my server with XLRstats enabled for a long while on my server, and it has been collecting a ton of information about weapon usage, kills made, etc. And I thought it may be helpful if i take a copy of my current database and post it up for Torn Banner to see to help balance the game. Would you guys like that?

    In the next post, I’ll list some attachments of various data pools collected by my server. So far we’ve have over 2300 unique players in the last two weeks, 75%+ which have logged in more than three times.

    Also, if any of the devs wish to have access to my live MySQL database, I can pm them credentials for the purposes of using the data.

  • [attachment=0:3ro6c1q3]DBdump.csv[/attachment:3ro6c1q3]

    Here is the .csv file of some data

  • Thanks for the info :)

    Been trying to set up B3 myself but it keeps causing the servers to crash, usually on round change. Can I ask how many slots the server is running and what plugins your have running in B3? (aside from XLR obviously)

  • It’s a 32 slot server…<br /><br />Plugins:<br />plugin_ctime<br />plugin_login<br />plugin_adv<br />plugin_admin<br />plugin_pingwatch<br />plugin_spamcontrol<br />plugin_stats<br />plugin_status<br />plugin_welcome <<I’d highly advise against enabling this, as it has the potential to flood chat and/or make too many queries to the server. (but whatever, I have a fast server so I like it)<br /><br />+xlrstats… I removed xlrstats webfront and just put in echelon-- even though echelon isn’t very flexible without .php modifications.<br /><br />Its imperative that you remove punkbuster, as its a control Nazi on Chivalry. It has major issues with controlling TKs, swearing, ping spikes, etc. VAC is good enough for general security, and people who have hacks that bypass VAC obviously are not going to be hassled by PB. Also, remove Profanity filter. It’s overzealous with its method of punishment.

  • I think one way of getting around the lag problem is to keep B3 and your game server on separate machines. I’ve tried running b3 on the windows based system where my UDK is running, but since most server providers are actually giving you a form of a VDS/VPS (multiple unknown game servers hosted on one large box) I’ve done some packet monitoring and noticed some odd hangups when you run both on the same system… Like, the transmission of data between the two applications on one box likes to get hung up sometimes.

    I’ve just either run B3 on my secondary webhost server since its CentOS (makes mysql access speeds lubbable since i run MySQL on it too), or since I can personally afford it and also use it for other things… I have a cheap $15 Ubuntu VDS to run it 24/7 independently from the gameserver.

    My setup is all provided from NFOservers.com:

    (1)Windows Gameserver 32 slots on Los Angeles interNAP network
    (2)CentOS linux VDS webserver running MySQL+Echelon webfront only (included with gameserver rental)
    (3)Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS VDS running B3 + personal administrative filesharing and internal repositories
    (4)No-IP domain registered Enjin site with the echelon page linked.

    So far my run costs per month is just $45 a month. Since I don’t really worry about cost, I think its fine for me. Obviously, if you’re more of a miser with your run costs, I’d skip renting a third linux VPS and just do a temp shutdown of your webserver service, run B3, then turn the webservice back on. Then you could just have the $31 a month run cost for the gameserver+secondary webserver

    if you want to see the current B3 status of any valid and up server… click on http://master.bigbrotherbot.net/?game=chiv

    You’ll see my server, DevilDogsDen, as the most up-to-date. This could also help. v86>v85

    You can demo the stuff I listed above at devildogsden.net or info.devildogsden.net for the echelon page. if you want to play on the server in game, just connect to devildogsden.net through the steam server browser.

  • Sorry for the triple posts.

    I’ve definitely had my fair share of kinks to work out with B3 and the crashing problems. One of the biggest issues I found out is that if you use the !map command and don’t type in the EXACT map name, B3 will parse the string incorrectly and try to default your command to Moor_p and crash the server. (or at least, rejects all incoming connections from a failed map change… it basically freezes up and can’t change maps.)

    So i one did something like…

    !map aocto-stoneshill

    and suddenly my server locked out, couldn’t have anyone connect unless I restarted the server manually and restart the game.

    you’d have to do !map AOCTO-Stoneshill_p to change it correctly. Another way to avoid lag problems is to use your map changing commands sparingly. using !map and !maprestart can sometimes hit a wall and make your server crap itself. As for lag problems, I only have people reporting lag on Arena maps and similar tight maps where playerkills occur really often. This is probably from back when I had B3 running on the same box as my server, and i did the snooping to discover that packets where getting hung up.

    many kills = many queries = many clogged/hung MySQL accesses. = duplicate/redundant queries that make the cycle worse. Although B3 is pretty simply coded and works well enough, there haven’t really been any implementation from what i’ve seen of some sort of advanced communication protocol in b3’s code between chiv servers and B3.

    Sometimes, I still get an uncommon little blip here and there of delay with players using !xlrstats and getting their data back in chat, but then again, those were all in tight maps with fast kill counts. Cramming a lot of people in a small space is just a bad idea.

    additionally, another step you can take is close up the ping threshold with the pingwatch plugin, so people with crap connections don’t induce the “slow wave” effect with other players around them. I’ve done some looking into with that problem too and it seems a lot of lag we experience that we think is caused by B3 is actually caused by clients with extremely high pings causing a ruckus.

  • sooooo you don’t have the admin plugin?

    perhaps it’s that that’s been causing server instability (as I’ve been running admin + chatlogger and even set the chatlogger to dump to file instead of the mysql db in case that was causing issues :S)

  • no my bad! yes, i have the admin plugin. haha you kiiiinda need it.

    now chatlogger… that’s your biggest problem. get rid of that. all the other plugins store enough data about things like commands issued, bans issued, kick events, etc. in your database. chatlogger lags the crap out of chiv.

    I think i mentioned that in my B3 setup tut.

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