Bug list.

  • Hello every one, im here to try to gather the bugs that currently happen in Chivalry.
    Im a Maa player mostly and some bugs really make me think twice about play Chivalry.
    I will try to list in classes order.


    Nothing yet or i can’t remember.

    Man at arms:
    -Dodge is buggy, sometimes you dodge a hit but the enemy (or ally) hit your original position before you finish the dodge, boom you get hit even though you are already in a safe distance.

    -The sprint jump, i guess it don’t need any explanation, Vanguards flying, some crazy hits…


    Nothing yet or i can’t remember.

    -The bubble
    -Idle bug (you hit your enemy in the windup but his attack is in no way canceled)
    -Phantom hits
    -Ghost hits

    This is supposed to be a thread were you post the bug you know and i or some mod edit it to be as i said above a collection of bugs for a more organized communit and not a lot of random posts forgotten in the last page.

    If this thread is welcomed i will keep editing with your posts, if not let it be forgotten.

  • The bubble is a bug lol.

  • Sorry, i didn’t knew this i just want to play without these massive bugs that really makes almost impossible to play as Maa. Its not that you can’t play, im almost always on top score but i fell like if it wasn’t for the bugs i could have done much better makes so annoying to play knowing even if you do everything right, perfect you can run into a bug situation and dead even if your opponet is really bad and is just swing all day and you executed a dodge or parry flawless.

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