Fps issue

  • Hello, i have post in another thread about this but nobody seems to help and also tried to do some changes in the .ini files as other thread suggest, it don’t seems to help.
    Here is my system so please tell how i should be playing the game with this.

    GPU: GeForce GTX 460 SE
    CPU: i3 530
    RAM: 8gb
    Windows 7 64bits
    DX 11

    note: GPU is overclocked i use RivaTunner to keep track on GPU and CPU, my GPU is always on 15-20% usage while my CPU is at 50% on the lowest settings ingame possible.

    I can play mostly very well with over 60 fps but there are some maps, which i don’t know the name but you should know from this: The map of the Mason king, The map where you have to destroy/protect the ships and the last stage (only the last stage) of the forest map, you have to push the car as Mason. These maps are really crazy to play with 30 fps, yes, 30 fps drop even more than it because my vsync is off so its more than 30. Also the number of players make a huge fps drop, example, im playing in a 24 slots with 60 fps, if this same server and map get more 3 or 4 players fps drops to 40~.

    I really think it is something that is from the game because this very same PC can run Skyrim on ultra with a lot of graphic mods (Sharpshooters, Climates of tamriel, and others), in this same PC i played both Metro 2033 and Last light (really heavy games) with no problem what so ever also the last Tomb Raider. And the most weird thing, i can play Planetside 2 on heavy battles with the same FPS as Chivalry in thise situations.

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