Has anyone ever successfully jumped over a strike?

  • I know it’s possible, but it seems hopelessly impractical as the situations where you can jump over a strike are very few and far between. It seems like every time I try I get hit anyways, even when I’m above the enemy. I’ve never jumped over a strike before and I’m wondering if there is a good situation to use it in.

  • I typically do it as a panic reaction to hearing a Vanguard doing a sprint attack but not seeing it and…the sprint attack sometimes misses me…so I guess it worked?

    The main problem is that it’s typically never a good idea to strike low enough where jumping would be effective. Even if you are trying to get under guards/parries, you still wouldn’t really go that low. The only time I can think of where someone would intentionally try to hit that low is with a really crazy overhead to heelshot, but even then, it’s obviously not a good idea to try to jump an overhead.

  • Sodypawp! You used to play on a certain duel server.

    I’ve never seen somebody jump over my strike, but I have seen them use it to put distance between my weapon and their head.

    No one ever seems to try to lop off my wittle toesie-toes.

  • It’s not bad when you run past someone, and they are trying to drag a big overhead swing into you. Often by the time they’ve done their 180 turn, their weapon is low enough to jump over.

  • I remember trying to jump over the vg charges a few times but I never got it to work for me, never tried it that much though so I don’t really know.

  • One time I saw a man at arms jump over a sword vanguard’s charge attack, I was in awe. But no it never works for me.

  • I’ve done it a couple times, was on slightly higher ground though.

  • You have to be on higher ground. You can also jump over vanguard sword charges.

  • I’ve done it a couple times, always against an opponent who deliberately aims at the feet in an attempt to get through your parry. This isn’t actually very hard to parry, but when you get a feel for a player and you suspect he’s going to do it again, a leaping overhead is too hard to pass up.

    Never successfully jumped a vanguard charge, but I have have a glitched flying vanguard charge go over me!

  • I’ve done it a few times. Mostly just out of sheer luck from one of my jump overheads.
    A few people have jumped over my strikes too. I guess that’s what I get for being one of those predictable LMB noobs.

  • Yes, bridge level in duels I’ve had this happen a few times on the railing, but not a ton- and never really intended on doing it, it just happens. They typically tend to mention “nice jump!” just like “nice duck!”

    Jumping away from attacks is pretty useful at certain times, but I wouldn’t ever count on jumping over an attack unless your opponent is constantly trying to stab your feet.

  • easy to do vs a v charge that tries to hit you on long range, cuz it strikes low. Also did it on slow motion - ducked to fool into attacking low then jumped over. Saw maa dodge out of overheads, and when enemy tries to pull the sword into you they run away+ jump over the edge, basicly you do it every time and sometimes it saves you :D

  • Yeah I done it a few times twice to one guy battlegrounds TDM on one of the slopes was hilarious.
    Only other times it was down the stairs over their heads if that counts.
    Its not exactly practical but if your dodging a feint and you got the high ground why not? But i wouldnt recomend jumping rather than blocking unless your just taking the micky, nor would I try jump a overhead that would just be voulatry castration.

  • I jump every time I hear a vanguard charge attack behind me. Most people don’t drag their charge attack upwards and they swing at the ground. I’ve jumped over a handful like this, but it’s not reliable whatsoever so I end up parrying during the jump.

  • I seem to do it fairly regularly, though only for the VG sprint attack. If its a sword. Then I generally back away until the weapon tip would hit me and its in the lower part of their strike, then hop over and overhead.

  • It might be worth mentioning, too, that even if you fail and are hit, chances are it’s a hit to the legs, which doesn’t deal as much damage.

  • I’ve never jumped over an actual melee strike before. But I always jump over arrows. With their first shot you duck under the arrow. Then they aim at your legs so they hit you when you duck but instead you jump over their arrow. I’ve literally done this cycle 3 times in succession before on a single Archer.

    They’re reactions are so funny when you pull it off. 8-)

  • @dimon:

    easy to do vs a v charge that tries to hit you on long range, cuz it strikes low. Also did it on slow motion - ducked to fool into attacking low then jumped over. Saw maa dodge out of overheads, and when enemy tries to pull the sword into you they run away+ jump over the edge, basicly you do it every time and sometimes it saves you :D

    I don’t understand what this guy is saying but I think the gist of it is a similar idea that I have used in combat. They go for a horizontal swing and you, being the nimble fighter you are duck the strike. Clever clogs. This causes some-moderate anguish for your aggressor. They think that to prevent this they can aim low (many overcompensate) and cut off your toes. They assume you will duck again. No. You being the clever clogs (see earlier in paragraph) you are have prepared for just such an occasion. You leap high into the air, their weapon goes sailing harmlessly underneath. This is where you have your character titter or cackle or chortle or guffaw depending on your class (guess which is which) and return with a mighty counterattack. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

    This is, however, hard to pull off and takes a lot of practice. Expect leggy pains. Also much easier to do from a higher spot (this makes the duck harder, alas).

  • People rarely aim attacks at your legs because the parry hitbox extends quite far below making those strikes relatively easy to block. Shields on the other side leave your legs uncovered and thats why many Archers aim at them (if you use the Warbow this won’t even increase your hits to kill).

    In consequence I see people jumping over projectiles very often but rarely does anyone jump over strikes. Also the games collision issues make jumping in melee very weird sometimes.

  • I jump attacks all the time, even unintentionally, I wouldn’t say it has helped me much though.
    I have a bad habit of jumping around the map to the point i’m almost out of stamina and I notice that half the time if I jump an attack, i’m too close and my bubble gets caught on the other player causing me to float in midair next to him ready to receive his next swing.
    The other half of the time I jump when on higher ground, I will miss his swing and land on his head where I proceed to goomba stomp for a while and eventually get thrown off somewhere else.

    So yes, I often successfully jumped over strikes, but it usually leads to an awkward moment and imminent fail on their next strike.
    First world bubble problems?

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