What is the Best Medieval Fighting game?

  • Hey, I’m making a series of videos discussing what is the best medieval fighting game. This is Part 2

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare http://youtu.be/ashESss2rPY
    Comment, tell me if you enjoyed the video.
    Feedback will be greatly appreciated. :D

  • Interesting vids

    I’d have to agree with metacritic:

    Chivalry: 79
    Mount and blade: Warband: 78
    War of the Roses: 73

    IMO i’d give war of the roses lower, I just didn’t get into it :P and give chivalry higher :P, Warband is about right

    I would say that there is some depth to the lore, see here: http://www.chivalrythegame.com/lore.htm

    Also there’s the alt attacks which adds a bit more depth to the basic 3 attacks, quite effective to get around the left of someone and alt-slash to get around their shield

  • Thanks for the feedback, I kind of got crapped on in Reddit :D

    Yeah I would agree, I didn’t get into WotR like I did with Chivalry and M & B. I think it was because the balancing was off and I got killed by archers every spawn :)

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