Spear+Fork+Brandistock Feints

  • Is feinting with these weapons broken? Everybody, no matter how many hours you have into the game, falls for feints. It’s just a given. But most players with 100+ hours know how to read feints, and not fall for them using the grunts. For pretty much every weapon in the game, even the fastest ones, you can listen for the grunt and wait for then to parry. But with the spears does the grunt come just a tad too late? I myself am normally able to counter most feints listening to the grunt, but when it comes to the spears when I listen for the grunt, (to me at least, maybe I’m just retarded) the grunt comes so late in the animation it’s almost impossible to parry in time if you suspect a feint is coming. What do you guys think about the feints on the spears? Am I just being stupid?

  • I have more problems reading spear feints than almost any other weapon too. Could be the hardest two handed to read for me. Takes time to adjust every time I fight a spear feinter and I still might get tricked by it.

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