• Kicks. They need work.

    The tracers are off and the bubble causes a few problems. If you jump and try to land a kick from a higher place, chances are you’ll bounce around on his head like a clown for a bit and then get overheaded. Loads of fun. Sure, kicks can’t be blocked or interrupted but sometimes if a demented MaA or even an archer is facehugging you with a dagger, giggling, then the kick only works by the time you’re dead. Fantastic. I think the addition of the different powered kicks was good but the quick kick
    needs to be REALLY fast. Maybe even like a raised knee to the stomach or a shoulder shove. Just to get that flipping knife away from you. Also, I think it’s a bit silly when you use a shield to bash someone that it magically loses it’s defensive properties and swings can go right through it. If the shield retained a ‘block’ while doing a shield bash then shields may, in fact, actually be useful. I have not put hours of thought into this so my ideas may be slightly flawed. Or very flawed.

    Thoughts gents and ladygents?

  • No thoughts. Shame. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have called this ‘Hitmonlee’

  • The kick mechanic is a very small part of the game and by itself it works sufficiently. Reworking kicks would be too much work for little gain. Making the quick kick faster at a shorter reach is a good idea though. In terms of realism there is nothing wrong with knife/dagger stabs being faster than a kick.

    The real problems are the collision bubble and this bouncing (I believe the collision bubble made this one even worse). Your idea might even work as part to replace the former. If the latter is also dealt with (and I really hope it will at some day) your precious kicks might work in a satisfying way, too.

  • @Footbeard:

    No thoughts. Shame. In hindsight I probably shouldn’t have called this ‘Hitmonlee’

    saw your thread before, I just don’t have very much new to add is all

    Kicks are expensive and unreliable, not something I want to risk doing in the average fight. MAAs with or without shield can backpedal out of any kick and if they’re circling you at close range it’s very unlikely you’ll connect, and they’re the most likely to punish you for it. Shield knights are more vulnerable, but unless they’re terrible they won’t fall for most kicks even if you feint and you’ll very quickly use up too much of your stamina just for a chance to chip like a third of their health. The only regular application for me is against backpedaling javelin turtles where I can usually land a daze with a feint-jump-kick. The stamina cost for said maneuver is enormous but it works most of the time and I can kill the archer right there.
    That’s my perspective anyways. I very rarely get kicked, and I can’t remember the last time I got hit after someone kicked me because of how predictable the upcoming attack (or feint) is, but I’ve seen some weird MAA maneuvers where they seemed to teleport into my face very quickly after the kick, don’t know what’s up with that.

    An interesting thing about kicks is that they can interrupt your enemy’s attack even during release. Might have some merit against zweihander lmb draggers or something but again it’s just too risky and costly to even think about.

  • I use kicks a lot.
    I love kicks a lot.

  • When I read the title I thought it was a glorification thread in my honor. I’m sad now :/

    Should go and try and kick something… Then I will rage instead!

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