Hitting from behind as Vanguard

  • It seems everyone can do it except me. And if it is mousedragging, then the character models don’t show correct because they don’t move at the X-axis or Z-axis.

  • And I now noticed that it hits walls, floor and so on, except people. That’s a load of bull… It should hit both, whether it’s after or before wind-up.

  • Could you explain a bit more what you’re talking about? What do you mean “hitting from behind”?

    Do you mean a turn-around lean-back overhead?

  • Oh sorry. I mean, when you look forward and do an LMB swing, other vanguards hit me when I’m behind them. I might not be exactly 180 degrees behind them, but between 180 and less. I myself can’t even hit people 90 degrees to the right of me.

  • Play in third person with tracers enabled and see if your tracers are actually touching them.

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