• I noticed something. If you mouse drag before your swing, you will be able to look around fast. If you start to move after, you look slow. This needs to be fixed, since it’s “massively” unfair if you accidentally look around AFTER you swing.
    I personally think you always should look around slowly when you swing, no matter what, so people can’t be lawnmowers…

  • I personally think you always should look around slowly when you swing, no matter what, so people can’t be lawnmowers…

    lawnmowers… haha

    Yeah I too find it really annoying when I’m dragging a slash then after my swing I do a 1080

  • the turn limit is there exactly so you can’t be a lawnmover while attacking

    you gotta adapt to it consciously, if you have high sensitivity you need to get used to moving your mouse slowly while swinging because you’re not going to turn any faster and you don’t want to swipe your mouse off the table or look away from your enemy when the attack ends

  • I think you two understood me wrong. Read again. I’m talking about how fast the mouse moves WHILE you swing, what changes it, and that what changes it can be unfair.

  • I don’t understand what you think is changing it
    are you moving diagonally while dragging? holding just one direction key can make your drags feel a bit sharper

  • moving your mouse fast while dragging will make it move slower. It is reverse accelerated.

    moving slower will make it move faster… obviously there is a balancing act between how fast you can actually move the mouse.

  • It’s the exact opposite for me though, Nova.
    When I drag fast, I keep dragging fast, and when I drag slow/nothing, I continue to drag slow.

  • weapons have a specific maximum turn speed capable. If your mouse sensitivity and movement is moving at that rate, then you’re golden. Going much faster than that though will cause your turn speed to slow down.

    Test it, move your mouse normally. then jerk your mouse around erratically while swinging – you’ll see your turn speed lock in place.

  • There is a max turn speed in windup and release. Regardless of your mouse sensitivity it will go that fast. Provided your mouse is moving at or over the max speed.

  • That speed is actually different on a per-weapon basis. Well, not quite per weapon, but there are three or four categories for it. Lighter weapons can turn much quicker during a swing than heavier ones - but given the longer release and bigger arc of heavier weapons they can usually be dragged further overall.

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