MAA dodge delay, initiating after death

  • I came across a bug, where when you attempt to dash away and dodge a strike/incoming projectile after the stamina bonus that comes from being staggered, it becomes delayed if you do get hit, so as it happened. I was getting shot at as well as engaging another maa, and I got staggered by blocking an oncoming maul from the side, as soon as that happened, I attempted to dash backwards, only to be teleported forward almost immediately after my dash and in to the oncoming slash from the maa. Only after I died, did the dash successfully execute, sending my body flying like a wayward arrow. Albeit it was, fucking hilarious but it did happen a little too often for it to not matter.

    I realized there was a bug regarding the dash MAA has, though this has only happened when I had no stamina and I was staggered.

  • Being able to dodge while staggered at all is a bug.

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