Not regening

  • It happens to me very often.
    I fight,i survive a fight,and then i don’t regenerate at all.
    You can fix it by getting kicked or getting hit,if you can survive it :P.

  • When that happens you need to reset your stam, so simply hitting the ground or jumping should do it. You lose that amount of stamina, then once it trickles back your health should start regening.

  • Need to know what you’re doing before this happens. Doesn’t seem like something that just kicks in randomly, or we’d have far more reports about it. Do you use toggle sprint? I remember this being an issue with toggle sprint in the past, but it was supposedly fixed.

  • Oh I thought this was already known :D

    It does happen very often to me, like twice in 10 minutes of FFA duelling. I don’t use toggle sprint.

  • Happens to me often as well. I’d say more often when fighting multiple enemies if that helps at all.

    No toggle sprint.

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