New Weapon Revealed?

  • I was playing in a classic duel server, and I noticed that the weapon on my corpse switched after death, a bug that also affects the emblems on corpses. Only the weapon that my corpse had wasn’t a broadsword anymore, it was this.

    Is this a new weapon in the works, possibly one of several in an aesthetic weapons pack like the helmets pack?

    I found a much older picture in my screenshots folder, around CU1, maybe CU1 beta, where you can clearly see the sword appearing again, mysteriously.

    This is starting to get interesting.

  • No images are showing in your top two links, but the lower two images seems to be a gfx glitch of a broadsword superimposed on a mace. Doesn’t seem to be a new weapon.

  • That looks like a versatile weapon.

  • The Broadmace makes a brief appearance.

  • Broadmace is OP!

  • Lol.

    There is also the shorthatchet I have seen. Doesn’t have the same ring to it though. Its a new vanguard secondary.

  • It’s a flail and broadsword. They’re both knights. It looks like it’s just a glitch that causes both primary and secondary weapons to be displayed on corpses.

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