2 Bugs concerning peasants.

  • These two are pretty intertwined so i’ll just explain what happened.

    I was doing dark forest objective, we had 2 peasants left on point C. I figured out you can’t damage them, but they still receive knockback, so I was busy pushing them to the corners of the room, to make them harder to hit. That’s bug one. Then it said I was gonna be autobalanced, and i’m like fine, i’ll just finish pushing these guys. So I stab the peasant with the sword of war to push him back more, then he dies. I stand there for a sec than was like, “whelp, i’m going on the other team anyways” So i stab the other one. That’s bug number 2.

  • That first bug is one we’ve known about for a while, pretty minor and amusing so we left it alone. The second bug is pretty terrible though.

  • I’m not sure if you guys know about this or not, but once you’re told you’ll be switched to the other team it seems like it automatically switches you, even though you’re currently spawned in as the opposite team. When you’re fighting enemies who will be your teammates next spawn you lose points, as though you’re teamkilling them. In my puny mind they’re related, but just food for thought if I’m wrong.

    It seems like it’s automatically switching you over before your next spawn, even though you’re still technically on the team you are being switched from. I believe flinch still works and stuff, since you’re still playing as the other team and I haven’t yet seen anything to make me believe otherwise yet.

    But yeah, I think the two are related.


  • Yeah, we are aware of that. It’s definitely the same issue, but this is a bit more of a potentially abusive effect.

  • the royal family need gold peasant hats.

  • Its quite fun pushing the royal family around.

    You can push them off the cliff to kill them.

    We also tried hiding one in the spawn. It was the las one too. So theres 4 guys with spears and brandistocks pushing and guys with tower shields trying to protect. We almost of got the familmmeber to spawn. But he got killed by a rank 2 archer who was doing 2 for 17. He didn’t even know the family member was there. He just fired and his horrible aim helped him out.

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