Can`t Buy Helmets! No one knows WHY!

  • Ive tried buying them since the expansion update, and it just doesnt work! I put money in steam wallet, and every time I go into customization and try to purchase helmets it fails. Can someone from TB address this?

  • @tehkage:

    When you purchased the helmet bundle did you receive a pop-up message from Steam requesting you to authorize the purchase or add funds to your steam wallet in order to complete the purchase?

    If not, then it is likely that you have disabled ‘Steam Community In-Game’. To enable this log into Steam, navigate to the menu at the top of the page and select the ‘Steam’ menu option, select ‘Settings’, this will pop up the settings dialog box. Go to the ‘In-Game’ tab and ensure that ‘Enable Steam Community In-Game’ is checked. If this is not checked then you will not be able to authorize any purchases.

    If you have this enabled and you authorized the helmet purchase through steam (please check your transaction history to ensure that the funds were taken) can you please send me your steam Id?

    This video explains how to obtain your steam id:

    If no funds were taken, then try to purchase the helmet bundles again, clicking the purchase button in the game will not automatically deduct the funds from your account, only Steam will deduct the funds.

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