Left handed

  • Hi guys,

    New here. I love this game and have registered just to share my suggestion/idea to implement in the game.

    The idea is simple. Being able to swap one’s weapon to a different hand. With the added “Preferred hand” in the selection screen. So in combat, one would be able to switch to left hand with his weapon and if it not the preferred hand, would do less damage (maybe even half?) than if it were in the preferred hand.

    This, I believe, would further enhance the already complex and deep combat system.

  • I like the idea, it would support fighting on, after losing an arm, like I suggested. Not a bad idea man, Not bad at all.

  • You can already perform alternate slashes

  • Love this idea. Thrusts would come out on different sides. Alternate slashes are slower, so switching hands would would mean subtle differences in speed. If you could switch grips during combat this would lend a lot to the game’s complexity.

  • On one hand this would be a neat way for seasoned veterans to give a confidence boost to newer players when it comes to duels. On the other hand, in a world where alt slashes already exist, implementing this feature sounds like a lot of work for a very small reward.

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