Chivalry could be better.

  • I’m going to start off by saying this is a game I both love and hate, and I think that’s the attitude for a majority of the players. The game is very frustrating and oftentimes unfair. But there’s something about it that makes us come back. For me personally, it’s the desire to become better.

    My main liking for this game comes from the fact it’s set in the Middle Ages. I just love everything about medieval-themed stuff. Castles, armor, weaponry, slicing people in halves and all that. And I think Chivalry could push this theme a bit further. Right now the game is a bit unrealistic and the suggestions I’m about to make are pretty bold and may not seem like an important aspect of the game to everyone, but to me they are…

    Feinting. Yes, it’s an actual thing. But it doesn’t work too well in a videogame that’s controlled with a mouse and a keyboard. If this feature has to stick around, though I wouldn’t mind ridding it from the game, at least the animation should be changed to something more noticeable. Right now your sword will just kind of teleport and I can’t say I’m a big fan of that.

    Butter knife versus greataxe? That shouldn’t work, should it? Yet somehow it does. I feel like the game would be more interesting if certain classes weren’t able to simply rush headlong against hulking knights and whatnot. Take archers for an example– they have no problem parrying knights’ greataxes with their petite knives. And this is a class that’s purposefully NOT a melee class so I don’t see why not.

    Picking up weapons. Hinting towards the above, imagine if your little knife broke in half when trying to battle a knight. Regardless of your class, you should be able to pick up any weapon from a fallen ally or foe (this might be an issue since everyone has a custom ragdoll length). Depending on your class you would obviously operate this weapon differently. For an example, an archer probably wouldn’t swing a knight’s greataxe too swiftly… but at least they’d have steel in their hands and a potential victory ahead.

    Universal field of view. What really break the game for me is that everyone is using a fov above 110 or 120-- including me. I’m not sure if this can be done with the game and people will be more than likely to find a way around it but either way, if every player saw more or less the same… the game would be a tiny bit less unbalanced.

    No third person mode. Another game-breaking feature of the game. I love playing in third person mode because it makes everything just so much easier… but it doesn’t immerse me into the game all too well. I just can’t stop thinking how many people are dominating the game in third person mode. You’re suppose to look through your character’s eyes!

    Some class-specific abilities are a bit over the top. Now this could be just me but in reality you might not see a person side-step as fast as a MAA does, would you? Or sprint attack like Vanguard does? I don’t think the game’s aim is to be realistic and removing these features could break the game for many and hence I don’t propose to do so. Much like with feinting, the animation could be made more subtle-- something not so extreme.

    These are just some of my ideas that I’ve been pondering on. If you disagree with something, feel free to describe why instead of simply commenting “lol dumb idea”. Would be awesome if someone from Torn Banner could say if these ideas show any potential for a future patch or expansion too.

  • A lot of your opinions seem to be based around Chivalry being a realistic game. It is not. We make no claims of striving for reality. What we’re going for is “Hollywood realistic” - which is to say, the kind of “realistic” you see in movies like 300 or Gladiator. Which is why overblown moves like the sprint attack exist.

    It’s also why weapons like the great axe and maul exist. The realism argument has to go both ways, if you want to be fair about it - sure, you wouldn’t be able to parry something that heavy with a knife (or with any weapon, honestly, you’d probably break your arm even trying to parry it with a shield), but you wouldn’t be able to use anything that heavy as an effective weapon to begin with.

    There’s also the whole balancing factor to consider. If you couldn’t use a light weight weapon effectively in combat there’d be no reason for them to exist.

  • @Jon:


    Armors is not a word.

    It is actually, though I can’t believe you came here just to comment this.

    A more inventive way if saying too long didn’t read.

    Techincally it is but not in the way you mean it.

    In old English “armours” meant the process of putting armour on.

    You don’t say sheeps. Just saying “armor” with no S makes better grammatical sense. Also Europeans tend to add the letter S on many words that don’t have them.

    And I agree with what slygoat said.

  • @lemonater47:

    You don’t say sheeps. Just saying “armor” with no S makes better grammatical sense. Also Europeans tend to add the letter S on many words that don’t have them.

    I’ve looked through several sites and each site states the plural for armor is armor_s_. But yes, you don’t say sheeps since the plural for sheep is sheep. That’s one of those exceptions– just like child isn’t childs but children.

    However, armors is a word as far as my internet research goes. I don’t understand how and why you’re so keen on having grammatical debate though.

    In response to SlyGoat however, I understand and agree with what you’re saying but some of these suggestions such as universal FOV and ridding third person mode from the game are something I think should be at least considered. We can’t balance all the classes without breaking the game but everyone should be able to at least SEE the same and whether they’re comfortable with that fov or not, they’d just have to get used to it. It’s the same for everyone so there’s no room to complain.

  • As far as the dictionary is concerned in the context you had the word it is wrong.

    Skyrim actually was a major culprit in the misconception of the word. All those modders from Europe.

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