No flinch during kick?

  • yep…

  • Haha I like your flinch crusade, I’ve pretty much given up thinking of flinch as reliable. It’s for this reason (random and often-forced hit trades that should be flinched) that I’m back to thinking Knights are top dawg again. You’re going to take some hits, even if you do it all properly. Makes the maul even more powerful, too.

    Man at arms might be able to dodge out of stun, BUT EAT HIT TRADE YOU LITTLE, FRAGILE MEN.

    What gets me boiling is being flinched DURING A DRAG. Seems to happen less than the inverse, though.

  • nah, i’ve always known that flinch is ONE of the most broken mechanics in the game, it’s like flipping a coin most of the time. Another thing that bothers me is the 1 strike warfare… if i hit you with a strike… my recovery from hitting you with a two handed sword is longer than your recovery by just getting blasted… that makes no sense to me. Lose initiative by getting a strike on an opponent, makes total sense.

    but yeah flinch is broken. this typically pisses me off with archers… they can actually miss a kick on purpose and take a strike pending it’s not a 1 hit kill, lets say men at arms too, any class can do this, but they are the most annoying. So they can miss a kick on purpose, and by the time you hit and recover from your swing, HERE COMES THE DAGGAR STRIKES OF DOOM… then you get flinched on the first one and can barely even recover from flinch in time for their combo’s to hit. It’s so bullcorn.

    Also, while switching weapons there’s no flinch either… so say an archer has his bow off, and i’m using a weapon that’s not a 1 hit kill on archer, they can switch to secondary while getting hit, but then immediately counter back with their own strike as if a teammate hit them (no flinch) so then i can’t possibly block it because i’ve not even hit recovery yet before their barrage starts.

    TL;DR… fucking flinch mechanic man.

  • everytime i get flinched out of release i lose my shit over mumble

  • oh yeah, there’s that too.

  • Your thread title is posed as a question. So… is there definitely no flinch during kick? Or just the windup phase (which is very short if you do a tap kick)? :?

  • the one i’ve seen multiple times in a match, was most likely the fast kick… so basically i’d hit them while they miss their kick, or i would get a strike after they missed the kick… not really after but during their kick almost at their recovery but not quite (at the point to where it would be a hit trade if they landed the kick)… so there is either no flinch during kick getting hit or no flinch during the recovery getting hit, because in the process of me hitting them… they were able to either hit back as fast as a counter attack off my attack so i couldn’t parry it… or they were able to hit trade and combo during my attack.

    both have happened. the most annoying being archer with daggar, but it was typically either maa or archer (which obviously shouldn’t matter, i’m sure you can do this with any class). Will test more and possibly make a video when i get some time.

  • Oh, I see what you mean. I thought you were saying you couldn’t cancel kicks with a flinch - you mean kick recovery doesn’t flinch (and thus leads to hit trades). Good to know.

    I actually see no reason to make kicks not flinchable at any stage, including during release. It’d be a bit of a nerf to them, but you shouldn’t kick into an attack in progress anyway.

  • it would seem to be very rewarding to do so if you can get hits off for free… especially if you were to use a knight that can take the damage and then get a free hit afterward. I still got flinched on the counters obviously, and a few times it was daggers too so… good night knight to me.

    i think it’s bogus that you can’t flinch a charge attack… it’s well and good and all, i guess that’s part of its flair… but i’ve hit a guy RIGHT before he was going for a charge, then he seemed to press the button during my attack, and then proceeded to charge into me… some of that is just retarded. I think for the charge attack, since it KIND of has a windup in the initial jump, perhaps you should be able to stop it somehow until it fully releases… i’m guessing the way it’s configured now… the whole thing is a release.

    That’s not really necessary though… i know archers fucking hate it though muahahahahahaha!

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