The entire computer crashes

  • Hello fellas,

    Tonight I decided to just boot up my copy of Chivalry and chop some heads off,

    However after a nice and fun game, everything crashed.
    Nothing was responding and even my screen said no connection detected.
    So I am wondering what in heavens name can cause this ?
    Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to play this thing once in a while after all.

  • When the entire system crashes the most two common causes are overheating and a failure of drivers.

    Your bios should have some info in respect of temps, so when the machine crashes have a look at this info (there are also various tool you can download in windows to check temps)

    If temps aren’t your problem then it’s likely a driver problem, often the graphics.

    Assuming you’re on windows 7 > click start > right click properties > click advanced system properties > click settings in the startup and recovery section and make sure ‘write and event to the system log’ is ticked and ‘automatically restart’ is not ticked. This should give you a bluescreen type error if the system crashes - make a note of the .sys/.dll./.ocx that caused the fault. Additionally you should find something related to the fault in the event logs.

    Prior to that, it’s probably also worth updating you graphics driver as it’s often the cause :)

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