Performance/FPS help

  • My system specs:

    Asus PN5D mobo
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    6GB RAM
    NVidia GTX650Ti Boost

    Game Video Settings:

    Blood Decal Length: 10

    The following are set to High; Texture Quality
    The following are set to medium: Char quality, SSAO Quality, Detail Mode,
    The following are set to low: Foliage

    The following are True: A.O., Fullscreen, Dynamic lights, Dynamic Shadows, Bloom, Depth of Field, Vertical Sync

    The following are false: Light Shafts and blur.

    I’ve hit the mega thread and made some changes suggested there. bsmooth has been set to false.

    My windows 7 install is 48 hours old. The video card was installed today.

    I’m finding that my frames are dipping below 30 on a consistant basis. My previous card was a 9800GTX+ that ran everything on low at 40-60 fps.

    Am I asking to much of this new card or is something else going on?

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