[Suggestion] Create an "Ideas and Suggestions" sub-forum

  • The suggestion is to create an “Ideas and Suggestions” sub-forum within the Chivalry:Medieval Warfare forums. Similar to how Chivalry:Deadliest Warrior has an Ideas and Suggestions sub-forum and also similar to how Chivalry:Medieval Warfare had such a sub-forum this mourning.

  • This “suggestion” should be moved into that sub forum asap. That is all.

  • They should revert the forums to how it was. I don’t know what the web designers been smoking but its a bad decision to get rid of it.

  • It seems a little odd to merge two of the more popular subforums.

    IMO the custom section (mods & maps, brainstorming & custom content) could be merged as it’s all essentially about the same thing. We could also just merge community events into general and on the occasion where official events occur post them as announcements.

    I would point out that this merge gives a slightly ominous impression: if you get rid of chivalry ideas/suggestions but leave the same forum for DW, then it’s implying you’re no longer after idea/suggestions to improve the core game, which I very much hope isn’t true

  • F**k it, the poll is now a vote to merged all forums and sub-forums.

  • Sorry, all forums are getting a re-work as it is and the ideas/suggestions sub-forum is now merged with general discussions.

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