How does stun work?

  • How does stun work at the moment? What triggers it?

    I’ve seen it a million times, I find myself against a vanguard(s) with murder in his eyes and he starts banging my shield as I try to close distance. Then all of a sudden I’m stunned and here comes the overhead.
    I’m not breathing heavy so it can’t be stamina related. Kicks and bashes ofcourse but this is not the case here. Is it a certain number of strikes/block or what?

  • If you parry/block an attack with empty/insufficient stamina will stun you. Also, getting heavy kicked with your shields raised will stun you. You don’t have to be breathing heavily to indicate low stamina. Watch the yellow bar go down in the bottom-left of your screen.

  • Tip: As you get punished for blocking and the opponent will get a hit on you anyway, you better try to hittrade with them. That way both of you will take damage instead of just you.

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