What FoV Do You Recommend?

  • I’ve played default since release, don’t see any reason to change. You can generally hear if someone is coming from your sides, and I don’t feel like going through the motion sickness of changing it.

    I think fish-eye FOVs are generally helpful for shield use, of which I don’t use at all.

  • I use 120, I think.

  • I use 110

  • If you’re interested in keeping the game not looking too fishbowl-y but want to maximize your periphery I believe the highest you should go is 95-100. I currently play at 95. 100 might start clipping into the knight shoulders but I’m not totally certain.

    If you don’t mind the way fishbowl look then I think 120 is the oft cited setting for many players.

  • 110-150

  • I’ve played on a few different ones, I started on default obviously. But as I mained archer I wanted to have some sort of zoom effect so I changed to 60. Then I somehow got it reset to 95 and noticed that the arrows didn’t drop as much (this is quite a while ago), then I started to play at 100 more or less for everything and I still am. I guess you play on what feels best. sometimes it might depend on screensize as well. I mean with a larger screen you can easily play with a higher FOV and still see the characters in teh same size or even larger than with a smaller screen. I do have a “zoom” button though which sets the FOV to 60 (you could probably use 30 or something as well for even more of a zoom effect) and on release it goes back to 100, which is helpful sometimes if you’re scouting, or using the ballistaes/crossbows.

  • It’s easier to judge distance with lower FOV. At 60-90 FOV the distance a person in center of your screen or on the sides will be the same. Their is actually a upper cutoff where things start becoming distorted, I think it’s 90 but don’t know for sure.

    I would recommend somewhere between 90-120. If you play an archer, you can go lower and it may help your aim.

  • I like playing on 60.

  • I like 95. Best compromise between viewing area and minimization of fisheye effect.

  • @DaciaJC:

    I like 95. Best compromise between viewing area and minimization of fisheye effect.


    also use 95, have tried higher but this to me seems a good balance

  • I use 110. It gives you a little clipping when using a twohanded sword. But you see much and the models aren’t screwed. An FOV over 120 will make them look weird I think.

  • 120. You can get used to a fisheye effect and attacks seemingly hitting from further away; there’s no getting used to being hit from an angle you couldn’t see.

  • 110 on a 4/3 screen

  • 110 FOV at 1920x1080 resolution. The game just looks better with a higher FOV IMO.

  • 110 for maa
    95 for archer
    130 for knight/vanguard

  • 110 for me, but I don’t really play archer anymore.

  • 110 and 150, depends on how I feel.
    110 for max view while still looking good, 150 so I can actually see what’s to my sides like a real human being, and don’t care for looks.

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