Please limit servers to 24 players.

  • A simple request. The ping is already bad in this game. Having more than 24 people on a server puts peoples pings of 55-65 up to 80-100 and makes the game considerably more random.

  • There are some 24 slot official server out there I think.

    As someone who runs 3x 50 slot servers, it does take a bit of a machine to run and some players machines can’t handle it. However many can and for many people the sheer carnage of 50 slot is the best part of the game.

    So while some of the official servers should be scaled down, it’s unfair to ask clans that privately run large servers to scale down since your machine/connection can’t handle it - many of us have no problems at all. I can only suggest you look for smaller servers then favourite them :)

  • I like 32p servers. If you don’t like them don’t play on them.

  • I thought all the official servers are 24 player? At least they are down here.

    Probably based is SA or some other place with shit net.

  • Most of the Official Servers are 24 slot but we have some 32 slots as well for those who enjoy the higher numbers.

  • 32 and 24 slot official classic servers in Singapore, and the 24 is rarely used.

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