The release date…

  • Firstly, is there any clarification of the deal with steam?

    Will it be available on steam on the 14th or at a later date?

    Anyway, the main purpose of this post was really just out of curiosity.

    I wondered, how exactly did you go about choosing the release date?

    You’ve already got your kickstarter funding, so you could release it at any point, and reading through the beta section as it currently is, it looks like it’s probably going to be released on the 14th with a few niggling bugs and balance issues.

    So long and short of it, what thought process led to you choosing the 14th? Why not sooner or later?

    This post isn’t meant to sound negative in anyway, and I’m not questioning anything, just want to learn.

    EDIT. Just pre-ordered The WarZ which begins on the 15th October (I am a DayZ SUPER FAN, but I want to see what these guys have come up with), Tibbs if you see me on steam on the 15th playing Chivalry then you’ll know you’ve made a good game!

  • 16th ;)

  • I’m not too worried about the release date myself. I was anxious about the beta release, because the last alpha build before the beta opened was very buggy and had some huge network problems - pings spiking to 200-300 with about 16 players, unplayable with more than that - and the amount of stuff that was fixed and optimized in the short transition from alpha to beta was staggering. If TBS is confident enough to release so soon I’m pretty sure they’ve got a handle on anything major. Balance will be a whole other debate once serious scrims and such start up. Right now we just have vague impressions of what’s too strong or not strong enough, and all I expect is that they make gradual changes to see what works, which they have been doing, especially with today’s patch.

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