Spartan Customisation

  • Just thought I’d share a photo of some friends of mine as inspiration:

  • Looking good! :) I like the octopus/squid shield

    I hope that later on, as Deadliest Warrior has been released, we will be able to customise our armour as well as our helmets. In C:MW, customising our body armour might confuse people a lot, making it harder to differentiate people between teams, along with different team colours and helmets and whatnot. But in C:DW, the classes are already so diverse, would people really mix up spartans and samurais if the spartans were able to customise their body armour and helmets in such a way as the good Doc’s picture above illustrates? I think not.

    Also, I want this on my shield!

    I’m a big fan of rodents :) (favorite warhammer race is Skaven, favorite childhood movie is Secret of NIMH, I have a rat tattoo on my arm, etc.)

  • @SavageBeatings:

    Looking good! :) I like the octopus/squid shield

    The guy with the octopus shield is one of the best historical armour/weaponsmiths in the world.

  • Heck, lets just put all your friends there in the game.

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