Parry Problems

  • I know you guys know about these but they need to get fixed.

    1.) parrying/blocking from the back (you can have two guys in front and 1-2 guys behind, someone completely surrounded can block all incoming attacks from all directions) This needs to go… even shields block from behind.

    2.) Parries blocking 2 times for one parry. This was pretty normal if you timed and aimed your parry properly at two simultaneous attacks… but an attack thats timed properly to hit after a forced parry should hit. So many times you just hear tink tink for 2 parries when the 2nd hit should do damage. So the parry’s are seemingly holding long enough to parry 2 people double teaming you when theres a clear stagger between attacks.

    3.) counter overhead lookdowns with most attacks are whack trying to parry them. Most players now know this fact so after most parries you see a lookdown overhead, and even good parrys are not blocking them anymore.

    that’s about it for now, again, sure you guys know about them but please fix in the next patch, it’s some really game-breaking stuff along with all the others. There are bugs, and then there are game-breaking ones… #3 is more of a gripe than anything, as you CAN parry them with very fast timing and proper aim, which who knows where that is… it’s different each time. The really odd parries are the strikes that the poke still starts inside your body, i don’t know of a way to parry these because it doesn’t seem like you can.

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