Game-Mode idea for DW.

  • Hey all. After hearing feedback from within and without the closed testing circle and seeing some opinions of people on youtube about the expansion I came to an opinion that players want to see an objective based game mode and that without that the expansion might loose its finesse.

    I thought about a game mode for this that I would like you to talk about, mostly to tell me if you think its a good idea? Anyway the game mode is called Warlords and its fairly easy. The game is divided into two stages which are essentially four stages if you think about it.

    At the beginning each team has the enemy team’s traitor, this is a special player like the king and is elected after all the players on the team has scored a kill. Unlike the normal king mode, when there is only one player left with no kills or after a certain amount of time, the player with the least score is selected and becomes the ‘traitor’ - while they remain on the same team they change their class selection to something like maybe a peasant, with a sling and a dagger. With this happened the traitor needs to be defended by the team who allegedly captured them. So both team eventually each have a ‘traitor’ midst them and are now racing to defend their traitor from the enemy team’s wrath.

    This is stage one. Now for stage two;

    Once the enemy team killed your traitor, the person who killed the traitor becomes the ‘Warlord’ and spawns back at their own team base as the warlord, similar to king. Whatever stats you give the warlord is entirely upto discussion here but I personally think it should have less health than the king model does.
    And now on the second stage, the team who earlier killed the traitor on the other team, must now defend their own warlord. The game ends when one of the teams kill the other team’s warlord.

    So essentially this is a two stage game mode that makes the teams on each side dynamically change from attacking to defending but also encourages various types of game style… maybe the traitor would be running around the battlefield, or cower behind the buildings, maybe they will be defended well by their team, or no. And maybe the warlord will be camping back and sending out troops, or maybe they would rather charge with their fellows.

    The point here is that these classes will not get the same direction marker like the king does. Instead they should be distinguished by their special skin and THAT IS IT.

    What do you think?

  • I like the idea of a shift between attack and defense, but I feel it’s a bit complicated for it to be introduced in DW. Still, maybe something for the new expansion or Chivalry 2 or whatnot if that is ever made. ;)

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