Trades and refunding

  • Is there any way I could get a refund? I bought and downloaded CMW on steam and was really excited, until I got to the install screen. I realized you can’t play on mac, and now I am unable to play. If deadliest warrior is available for mac, could I pay the rest and get a trade?

  • That’s unfortunate. Get a refund on your mac and don’t be so silly next time.

  • For mac?

    If you have a mac look to see if the game will work on mac FIRST.

    Deadliest warrior probably won’t be on mac either. Not without normal chiv being on mac.

    Steam Doesn’t do refunds or trades period. The best you can do is install bootcamp for mac and get windows on it too. So you can boot your mac up in windows instead to play games. That’s what many mac users do. Cheaper than buying a whole new windows PC.

    Steam comes under US law. So they are not obliged to do refunds.

  • You can get a one time refund from steam if you’re persistent. I was able to be refunded in full after stupidly buying War of the Roses. I had several e-mails with Steam customer service and was resolute that I was looking for a refund and they allowed me it as a gesture of good faith.

  • If you have a MAC but yet feel like playing computer games, you should always always always check if the game is compatible with a MAC first. Games generally aren’t. So get a PC just for gaming in that case.

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