Controlling anger?

  • Stickytape: When I play Chivalry, I usually play for a couple hours straight. Truthfully speaking, it becomes a pretty big part of my day. I don’t want to be the guy that makes someone else rage either and sometimes I intentionally lose to people with a lot of deaths, especially if I’m doing particularly good in that match. Maybe if they’re just starting out they’ll feel better about killing someone who’s more experienced.

    SavageBeatings: I have yet to upgrade my computer as well. I need to get more CPU for sure. This computer was built in 2011 and the only upgrade I’ve made since then was upgrading to 64-bit W7 and adding more RAM. Graphics card and other stuff are still a bit outdated and some servers with a lot of players lag a lot. My monitor is fairly ancient as well. A punching bag sounds like something I could actually use… for real. Otherwise I might end up breaking something important someday, like my monitor or keybaord etc.

    DDR: It is fun? That’s why I keep playing it. If it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t. A game like that would be Dark Souls– it’s rage-inducing, difficult and definitely not fun (for me anyways). I bought it, played for an hour or two and haven’t touched it since then. Swordfighting is fun and I absolutely love anything that’s medieval-themed but any game can get on someone’s nerves sometimes. Especially a game with other players that you compete against.

  • @DDR:

    If you get angry playing Chivalry, why the fuck are you playing it? Games are for having fun. Not for raging at.

    I don’t get mad at the game. I get mad at people who piss me off in the game. Just like I get mad at people who piss me off in real life, or people who piss me off on internet forums. It’s the same thing, just that you do it via a game instead of face-to-face.

    Also, don’t you ever get mad at stuff in real life? I like to draw, drawing is fun, but sometimes I just shout “fuck it” and throw the paper in the bin because it’s not going my way. I am not punching my desk, though, for me to do that, the drawing would have to get up from the bin and be like “Look at me! Look at what you’ve done! I look horrible! Is this the best you can do? You’re a failed artist, just like Hitler! Haha, you can’t catch me! I hate you, everyone hates you! You’re adopted!”

    Which would also be a very scary situation if a drawing could do that.


    Otherwise I might end up breaking something important someday, like my monitor or keybaord etc.

    Or your hand ;)

  • I really need some tips for this as well. I do have one thing that I might do when I got a really sucky round though, I just pick up some vanguard weapon and go yolo against a group of enemies, not even blocking. Sometimes I actually manage to take down most of them and then I’m back to normal. But lately I’m getting a lot of swing throughs and I have no clue as to why it happens, I hit where I’m supposed to and it just doesn’t register. Been happening the last 2 days or so. <––this is pissing me off a lot. I don’t know how to control that anger properly though.

  • @Jon:

    I was mercilessly slaughtered by some random pink MAA. I tried to vote kick on him for FFAing me but everyone voted no. There were a few people on the server that had the same symbol in front of their names so I’m assuming he joined with a couple friends. He also won the previous game so no one must have suspected him.

    His name was Pakhomoff wasn’t it? :D

  • you guys are crazy. i don’t think i’ve ever raged at a video game. i usually say “wtf!” whenever i get constantly raped in game, but i realize that im only 140 hours into it and im sure if i played more i could do some of the raping, but, meh, it’s ok. i get over it and calm down the next time i log in.

    "But one time I got so angry I actually busted my knuckle! I kind of knocked a glass with my hand, wanted to make it go flying but it exploded on impact instead and got a deep cut. That might also be a reason why I am calmer now x) " this made me laugh so much because when i was young i was working on my then piece of crap used car that i could afford and i couldnt get a hose to fit properly, my dad comes over and said something that just pissed me off, and i spun and hit the cedar privay fence with a well placed straight punch. my fist went through the picket, but i was pulling splinters from my bloodied knuckles for about an hour, trying not to look at my dad who just shook his head and “tsk tsk tsk’d”

  • @fvonb:

    His name was Pakhomoff wasn’t it? :D

    Could’ve been. I can’t say for sure. I was so consumed by my rage that I didn’t really pay any attention to names. :P

    Is he some sort of “known pink MAA”?

  • If I ever get angry playing chiv, it’s almost always the case I haven’t used any tobacco that day. You might or might not have this same issue, but if you do, it’s pretty easy to avoid getting angry if you really want.

  • I’m always the best and therefore I never get angry.


  • Signatures that contain videos make me pretty mad though.

  • I broke both my mouse and head set in a rage fit. They were cheap though. I have since bought more expensive equipment and therefore have more respect for it. I also just stop playing once I’ve reached a certain rage threshold. It’s supposed to be fun so if I’m not having fun I simply log out now.

  • @dudeface:

    Signatures that contain videos make me pretty mad though.

    you gonna cwy?

  • Nah. Easier just to block you.

  • Play some music and/or smoke some weed, works everytime.

    Only time I get in the least bit angry is if I watch any of my teammates play. Swear to god I lose faith in humanity watching how stupid some people are in this game.

  • @yayolol:

    Play some music and/or smoke some weed, works everytime.

    Only time I get in the least bit angry is if I watch any of my teammates play. Swear to god I lose faith in humanity watching how stupid some people are in this game.

    Yeah, weed is bad for you. Also, you sound like an egoistic bad, bad person. But that’s just my opinion.

  • @afiNity:

    I’m always the best and therefore I never get angry.

    ^this is true.

  • So as a game dev (not on this game) I find the allure of the game to be the highly immersive experience that can really bring out the fight or flight response. I feel as though I’m fighting for my life on the battlefield and every single time I die is a failure that could have resulted in my own death in real life.

    That said, getting killed by some punk kid with ninja like reflexes who counters everything you do and attacks so fast that it seems impossible to keep up can be one thing that brings out frustration. The goal in game design is to craft experiences in which the player will always blame themselves for any failures. When you missed the block, or misjudged the reach of your opponent’s weapon and end up dead, you tend to blame yourself and are okay with it. When the situation feels completely beyond your control and that there was no possibility of victory, you tend to become frustrated and perhaps even blame the game itself.

    I don’t see how the designers could account for neglected children whose limited awareness of the world means they measure success in life with success in Chivalry. I also like the fact that you can laugh at your opponents (though I don’t use it myself). Sometimes you can take advantage of an overly aggressive opponent by provoking them. Don’t be that overly aggressive opponent! When you become frustrated you’re not making logical decisions on the battlefield, you’re reacting with emotion and thus creating this feedback loop where you die -> become frustrated -> fight like someone frustrated -> die -> repeat.

  • The more seriously I take the game, the more I can get frustrated and mad. Lately I think the key is to try and just have fun. It may sound cliche, but it’s true. Honestly I doubt Chivalry will ever be truly competitive. If I relax, the skill I’ve already accumulated is enough to carry me quite far indeed, and that’s fun enough. You don’t have to get upset over a loss or bad luck though. Does it change anything? Of course not. I think the problem I’ve had with this game is unless I’m on the top, I’m not having fun.

    I’ve had matches where I had a negative KDR against average players at best, but a lot of that can be attributed down to your positioning, enemy archers, your teammates, etc… or maybe just a bad day. It happens. It’s just a game.

    If I fail to diffuse the anger, what calms me down is going over to duels. It’s clear cut and direct. You win if you’re better, you lose if you’re not. Occasionally you get the cheapest of players in, and that doesn’t help, but overall dueling is what releases my steam. I’m just trying not to let it build up in the first place anymore.

  • Laugh it off. At least he didn’t cut your head off. Stick him with the pointy end or something.

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