Hackers in this game…

  • …go unpunished.

    There, I said it. We’re all thinking it. I just played a game with a hacker who said he’s been doing it for months and still hasn’t had any bans. I’m absolutely not surprised. It was on an official server btw. Someone claimed to have recorded it and gotten his Steam ID, but I hold little hope that he will actually be banned from anything.

    Even if he was banned from official servers, there’s nothing preventing him from joining private servers and trolling those, particularly when no admins are around.

    What the game needs is a login system so the account can be banned from playing entirely. And another thing the game could use is some way to notify an official TBS admin IN GAME, when it’s actually happening. If I have to alt-tab and find some arcane Steam group or something to get ahold of one, the hacker will probably have been votekicked or left by then.

    Getting these last 10 or so hours to hit the 500 hours played mark has been more and more of a chore than any real fun. Hackers are just another piece of that.

  • There is no initiative to persecute hackers, the time and effort invovled in making an account here, editing uploading video, also any SS is a pain in the ass. A reward system for legit catches needs to be made. maybe some helmet rewards I havent thought it threw but id suggest that.

    btw coincidence Kev but I’m pretty sure that was me, saying that.

    speaking of which, 9/10/2013


    I am not sure how to get steam ID’s but i copied his profile and its here.

    Removed i think thats the same as steam ID.

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  • Yep Jstark, that was totally you and I was referring to Removed.

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    “Do not publicly call out or shame an individual (s) or clan (s). If you have an issue with someone or group of people in game, contact a moderator here.”

  • Well I hope this satisfies you. It satisfies me if something is done, this guy has been ruing peoples game experience for months. He needs some serious punishment.

  • Getplayerinfo command. Followed by their name or partial name. Leaving it blank will bring up also of everyone on the server. It can be any portion of their name. The start the middle or the end.

    It you put in the effort then you won’t see him ever again. Votekicking him just makes him someone else’s problem.

    And private servers often ban more hackers than the official ones. But they are far less lenient. An admin only had to glance and a hacker and ban him as its his server.

    Sure banning someone can take 20 minutes. But in the end its worth it.

    Down here we have 2 major server hosters. GON servers and official servers. All clan servers are pretty much monitored by at least one admin at all times. GON servers have a good report system as long as you provide the evidence. And we could quite happily relay all that evidence to kimiko. Son hacked down here get banned off 90% of servers. And its suicide hacking on a clan server. There’s only a few minor ISP based serves left hat no one really plays on anyway.

    The getplayerinfo command with convincing footage will sure as hell get people banned.

  • I noticed his profile was VAC banned, wish we knew which game.
    But in my general experience speed hackers in chiv get vac banned rather quickly.

  • with my playtime I’ve seen a lot of hackers, but as I posted before, the stickied “report hackers to the modgroup” doesn’t work. If there ever is someone online in the group (and there usually isn’t) I don’t get a response.

    it’s just a big waste of time trying to do anything other than votekick hackers and hope they get bored.

  • I also find it difficult to decide if someone’s a hacker or not. Sometimes I say to myself “That guy’s a hacker!” but then I start doubting…
    Sometimes I seem to get hits WAY before the animation hits me. But I guess it’s desync.
    Sometimes I get the impression that some weapons are faster than they should be on some people. For example I had an enemy with an sow and it’s stab was faster than the stab of the broadsword. At least I thought so… Never enough to tell if it really was a hacker or just my stupidity.

  • It may take weeks, months even, but the fuckers get banned eventually, don’t worry bout that.

  • Hey guys.
    Firstly I had to remove some of the content some of you posted earlier because it was violating forum rules.

    Secondly, my personal opinion here is that a lot of people call out hacker on public servers really easily. You have the vote-kick ability in this case (At least on official servers) to deal with hackers. However, you should consider not pulling this power too quickly lest you make beer into water, so to speak.

    If I suspect someone is a hacker the best solution for me is to change my team to spectator for a moment and spectate them, then if I find that they are hacking I simply take screenshots or record them and then send that evidence I got with their steam ID to kimiko@tornbanner.com.

    You can also try looking myself or one of the other moderators on the official chivalry group- either post on the ‘wall’ there or add one of the moderators and send them a message. In the long run I believe that someone who cheats is unlikely to be doing it just once- so while I understand how aggravating it is and how swift justice is demanding- but give it some time, contact the right people and process this through the right pipeline and we will make our best to deal with this ASAP.

  • We have a jew moderator!

  • I don’t think that this game has a real cheater-problem. Personally I didn’t saw many tbh even though a shitload of people get accused of hacking.

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    We have a jew moderator!

    Actually i’m an atheist :P

  • Also don’t forget that some of the cheats are not acted upon right away - things like VAC have delayed bans (which makes it more difficult for hack writers to determine what was detected) and to ensure that the largest number of hack users are actualyl caught, so the bans tend to be deferred for a random amount of time.

    Reporting a user (with proof) also allows the powers at be to start looking into that user and see if they can determine ways to counter the hacks. Obviously not a quick process but well worth it, as again it yields the most bans instead of striking off that one player.

    Also don’t forget you can report people in the official servers and most good clan servers tend to have some reporting/checking too.

    Cheaters are always the bane of decent online players, but some of the anti-cheat stuff is not always fast-acting or public, but it still happens :)

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