Try to find something positive that isn't quoted text

  • Look at this:


    Look at this user’s comments. It may seem that some of them are positive, but if you click to see the full comment you will find that it is just quoted text.

    Gotta love warsaw.

  • WARSAW is fighting the good fight.

  • Warsaw comments start off with complements to TBS and get progressively more toxic as his frustration with the game increases over time. Fair enough in my book.

  • Just found this gold.




    I just won a FFA with 20 people using MAA and Quarterstaff… the MAA is still useful, adapt people.

    SHHHH! Don’t say reasonable things around here or disagree with WARSAW! He’ll attack at any sign of reason or logic!


    keep entaganizing me ,
    its ppl like u that have ruined this game and troll the forums constantly, ruining an already sour comunity.

    do u even run a server?

    have u even helped contribute to the comunity??

    have u done anything for us or this game other then run your mouth?

    if u think that being flinched longer then the weapons attack speed is fair then u are an idiot, its plain to see that its a huge bug in the sytem and y all u fanboys whine so much and think that this game is flawless, wake up already dude and stop being so blind.

    not being able to switch weapons when flinched and the flinch times are the main problem with this game right now, not u guys getting owned by a 3ft 6 inch midget who can jump a few feet while hitting you, whoopty fucking do!

    and if half the ppl were like me we wouldnt be playing such a nerfed down, slow buggy
    player meshed, unfair fightingmechanic game like we are now, with all your nerfs and preschool gameplay, yet u guys still whine like babies, just ridicolous u cant even handle the regular game dude, and u wanna talk smack about me?

    i run the most hardcore server in chivalry, what you guys play doesnt even compare to my server, and yet u ppl still whine about all kinda ridicoulous stuff when u are playing at a snails pace, its actually really funny to watch this comunity ruin this game one patch/nerf at a time!

    u would probably melt on my server anyway, its way to hardcore for u guys thats for sure.

    all of u should just pack it up allready and go play fruit ninjas, if u could even handle that, i can hear u already, that bannanna is too op, it wont slice in 1 hit waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    this fruit is speed hacking, i lost what,? noway , nerf the fruits torn banner nerf them, its too hard i cant play.

  • @Reginhard:

    Warsaw comments start off with complements to TBS and get progressively more toxic as his frustration with the game increases over time. Fair enough in my book.


    WARSAW is fighting the good fight.

    Shoulda known these forums are infested with butthurt-about-the-patch clan members.

  • I think people were expecting too much from such a new and small group of devs. They hit the ground running and set the bar high by releasing a fun and good looking game, but they couldn’t stay on top of the bug fixes because they are so small. Yes, it’s frustrating to still be experiencing these bugs so far into the games life; so it’s easy to get mad at tbs and assume they’re lazy. However none of the critics are in the daily lives of tbs and know exactly what obstacles they face(and neither do I). People don’t even need to fully understand what obstacles TBS faces; they need to start to understand that they have no understanding of what obstacles TBS faces. Paper-thin arguments and calling names are the same thing; both unfounded.

    “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”.

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