(Suggestion) Sleep and Freeze time for Ragdolls

  • I’m quite sure this is possible in UDK; Setting the ragdoll “sleep time”(which is when the ragdoll is in a standstill and isn’t using as much of the computer’s resources) time to 5 seconds, and have the ragdoll FREEZE permanently after 5 more seconds have gone by; as in no more movement, even when hit by a catapult shot. Alot like the Mount and Blade ragdolls.

    This would be godly for players whom want to play with ragdolls without them eating your CPU power when someone taps the corpse with an arrow or something. Also would solve the problem of catapult shots launching corpses 500 feet into the air.

    Still researching more into it. I’m really hoping this is possible.

  • If it would noticeably increase performance, it could be a good thing to have that option.

    I still always get a chuckle when I see some fly off though.

  • While I enjoy the flying rag-dolls, and have a generally strong machine, I do have to agree with your suggestion. I think its very good, considering I still remember playing games that involved rag-dolls with my old machine about 2 years ago… it was pretty horrible.

  • This is a great suggestion. I’m still keeping my ragdoll ‘sleep’ time to 240 because I like to see flying corpses and chop off random heads, though.

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