You buggy stories!

  • I want YOU to tell me you buggy experiences, or matches! Tell us your funny moments, your sad moments, you raging moments! I’ll start!

    This is a “not so fun” moment. First one from the enemy team used Super Jump as MaA and jumped into our spawn and started spawnkilling us. Then my blocks half-assedly worked on him while I was looking at his blade, then another MaA joined in and used brown-colored vest and white on the other which confused me… I guess that’s not really a bug but still! Oh and something funny did happen! A peasant just stood at a bridge for no reason, even after that objective was done. I like how the protectors can hit them as much as they want to without any negative effects!

    I do know that most of these are reported, but that’s not the point! Tell me you stories!

  • I remember once I was playing Darkforest TO on Agatha on the final stage. In this game, there were the 7000 typical archers on mason, and only objective A was left (the front one). The gate was smashed, so that was probably why there were so many archers on their team (not kidding, like 9/12). I figured out a while ago that you can move the peasants around inside of the caves by attacking them, so I stabbed them into a straight line and stood in front with a tower shield for like 9 minutes until the game ended. At the end most of the archers on their team were whining about how I “exploited and made it so that we cant shoot them” (QQ). They were then complaining into the second match, saying how it wasn’t fair that we wouldn’t let them just shoot the peasants.

  • When I’m bored I like to team up with random people in FFA. This one time I ended up teaming up with way too many people but the thing is, none of them had teamed up with anyone but me. So eventually our paths crossed and I was forced to slaughter all of them without mercy. Kind of sad.

  • Had a lag spike just as I got killed by an archer on Stoneshill TDM. Re-spawned after a long delay from the lag, with my screen in complete grey scale and the heartbeat sound. I was stuck like that the whole match, couldn’t tell friend from foe or how much health I actually had.

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