How does the rank system work?

  • I searched all over to find an answer, but was unable to. My rank has gone up, but based on what? Is it purely based on the number of kills? If you have an answer to this question, where did you find the answer? Thanks

  • Anyone?

  • I have no definitive answer but I assume it’s tied solely to kills or perhaps score.

  • I think it should be time based.

  • Well, a quick look at my steam stats shows no correlation between my XP and the number of kills, it would make it 275.024485798xp per kill, which is obviously not right. It could still be kills mind you, this info may or may not even be correct.


    I have yet to play Javelin it seems :o

  • STAT_EXP_WEAPON stats are capped at 300. :)
    You get 200 exp per kill, 100 exp for assist.

  • Ah, that’d explain it, I was sure I used the spear way more than the 1h swords.

  • How can you view your experience like that Martin?

    The rank system would be really cool if it was raised in part based on the rank of the players you defeat. If it is just based on kills it doesn’t really demonstrate the skill of a player, which could just show how much someone plays.

  • You can’t normally view that data just yet, I was using a program to grab my data from the steam backend. I’m sure there will be steam stats eventually though.

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