Vanguard - Floor sniffing

  • Just played a few matches with some people who were using this floor sniffing tactic and it is insanely gamebreaking.

    Floorsniffing: When a vanguard breaks his back to sniff the floor and overhead attack, this results in the animation (along with hit registration) being dramatically reduced to the point where the victim will struggle to predict the swing as it starts are the top of the head, but because the head is on the ground at the victims feet it hits pretty much instantly. If you are to include a feint in this move it will also result in the person having no chance at all.

    To increase the effects of floor sniffing you can:

    • Go to one of the three 3rd person modes
    • Increase your FoV to 120
    • Vary your two handed weapon (Zwei seems most effective, due to insane damage very fast)
    • Grow a longer spine

    I am aware of how the speedup and delay system works, which in thought is a good idea. But having the animation get cut in half because someone is looking at the floor seems ridiculous.


    • Reduce the field which people can look up and down
    • have the damage calculated by how long the animation of the swing plays to an extent. Obviously faster attacks will be more effective and in theory do more damage, just cap the damage in a reasonable proportion with the speed.
    • Make it so the player can see down but the actual model does not literally sniff the floor.

    Open to feedback



  • I’ve had to deal with such a player as well. Don’t forget to mention that it’s also rather hard to hit those people.

    'ya know, the cool guys like to thrive on the blood of beginners using said method.

  • Not a bug.

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