Beta update: empty contentSDK folder

  • Sept 12 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Beta update.

    Open UDK editor. Surprise: Cannot load any of the supplied default maps. Nor any of the test maps I saved in the contentSDK folder!

    Investigate: contentSDK folder is… empty.

    Anybody else having this issue? Is this part of the TBS update/SDK release plan?

  • As for me

    editor and cook and the other stuff are missing. :o
    can’t open the editor

  • Yeah, all the .bats are gone.

  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    Do you mean the batch files and example maps are gone? We’re uploading those again. Everything else ought to be there though (Development\Src, the Editor executable, the SDK example mod)

  • Thanks Kimiko. I can confirm that the example maps are back up.

    Last Saturday, I deleted the Chivalry beta and downloaded the entire thing again. Once done, I opened the /UDKGame to find the entire /contentSDK folder missing.

    Then I remembered to go in my steam properties, and select the -sdk beta. No sooner done, the /contentSDK folder downloaded, with the example maps.

    Lesson learned: at the end of every work session, always make a copy of your work to a backup location outside of the /contentSDK folder!

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