Slygoat give me a goddam answer

  • so ive seen the beta release notes and i see no mention of flinch in release, this is one of the biggest bugs that is plaguing the Australian competitive community it has caused numerous long and tiresome arguments, its making slow release weapons completely unviable in comp play. Is it the fact you cant figure out whats causing this bug or for some crazy reason you just dont think its important??

  • We’re aware of this issue, but there hasn’t been any word on circumstances that cause it. I can’t recall it ever happening to me. If you have any additional information it’d be a great help.

  • Now that i actually think of it,i think this happens to me very often.
    Somehow it seems to happen very often when i try to delay strikes.
    I am in a middle of a delay and then i get stabbed and my strike completely stops and i get flinched.

  • Either this happens to me with my zweihander fairly often or I have–as my friends warned would happen eventually–completely lost my mind.

  • @quigleyer:

    What gets me boiling is being flinched DURING A DRAG. Seems to happen less than the inverse, though.

    Hmm,i snooped around the bug forums a bit.
    Seems i was right about getting flinched while trying to delay an attack.
    I know that Delaying is basically looking upwards and away from your opponent,but i am 100% it happens more often when i try to delay.
    Worth looking into.

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