Sound Coming From Wrong Directions?

  • Hello, I just started playing the game again and have been really enjoying it but there’s just one issue that I’ve been having.

    Every sound in the game is coming from the wrong direction. People that are left of me I hear in my right headphone. Same goes for people who are behind me, I hear them infront of me. It’s very disorientating and sound is such a key role in playing successfully.

    Does anyone know of a fix for this because as of right now it is very annoying. I might as well just play with audio completely off right now due to how much the sound is throwing me off.

  • I assume this is game related as in sound is coming from the correct direction in other applications/web browser etc? (
    If all of your sound is reversed then it’s probably something to do with your sound drivers/mixer (some have an option to flip channels around)

    As for chivlary I don’t know of any settings to flip audio in game (also rechecked the ini’s), but let us know if it’s something on your system or something purely chiv related

  • So I found it was due to my drivers being set to 7.1 surround. My headphones support that, but apparently it doesn’t translate too well for chivalry. If I have it set to just 2 speakers the directions are accurate.

    If possible, I’d still like to figure out a way around it.

    Also, Monkey it says we registered to the forums on the same day xD

  • What headset are you using?

    I am playing chiv with 7.1 surround and im using an intel g35 headset.
    I haven’t had any trouble with sounds on chivalry being played as surround in the headset.

  • My headset is the Corsair Vengeance 1500

  • @KEIS:

    My headset is the Corsair Vengeance 1500

    Out of curiosity does 5.1 work ok or is it issues with anything more than 2 speakers?

  • I’m not too sure if the headset has a 5.1 setting. If it does, I’m not seeing it in the drivers.

    I suppose that it’s not a big deal. It only takes me a second to switch to 2 speakers in the drivers and I’m still able to fully hear where the people are.

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