Chiv crashes when I try to join a server

  • dmp file: … .37.28.dmp

    Background: I was playing on a NA server called SlaughterHouse when my game randomly locked up and I was forced to end the udk process. I restarted chiv to rejoin the server. I used the open command and typed in the server’s IP, and when I joined, my game crashed.

    Edit: Now I can’t even get chiv past the loading screen into the main menu. It freezes up right then and there.

  • well first thing is to make sure no files are corrupt, so in steam verify the local file cache.

    Next if all files check out, you’ll want to rule out something being messed up in the configs (in my documents/my games/chivalry) renaming the config folder then re-verifying the game cache again (it’ll redownload a clean copy of the config) - if problem still occurs, delete the new one and rename the old one back

    If the above doesn’t work then it’s possibly a driver related crash (usually graphics) so an reinstall/update of the graphics drivers is always a good start.

    Failing that I’ll assume Sly Goat will get a chance to look at your dump at some point (!)

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