Sudden, new fps lag problem?

  • I’m not sure what’s going on. I have almost 200 hours on chivalry, all that time running at about 60 fps. So I’m well aware I can run this game well. All of the sudden today when I tried to play, I can get about 18 fps, and that’s only on the menu screen. I’ve made sure I’m on high performance battery power, it’s not running on integrated graphics etc… Does anyone have any idea about what could be happening here? Thanks!

  • Well we’d have to narrow down the cause I think. There have been no major patches that could be responsible and I assume you haven’t changed any hardware/software just prior to this issue?

    Possible culprits are:

    Graphics Driver problems
    CPU throttling eother via bios or power options in control panel
    Something else on system utilising cpu/hdd or memory

    I’d start with the graphics first, a quick reinstall of the drivers in case something has become corrupted. Also a reverify of the game cache in case something has become corrupted there :)

    Assuming there’s no throttling of cpu it’d be worth getting a trace of system resources before, during and after the problems - so running a couple of minutes trace on perfmon might provide some useful info (feel free to PM the trace if you don’t want to expose that info in public forums)

  • My FPS has dropped since the pre-last patch, too.

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