[??]Relentless Warriors - Recruiting(NA)

  • The Relentless Warriors is a clan focused on developing skills in Chivalry Medieval Warfare so that we may eventually enter the competitive level of the community.

    Although I am only level 31, I feel I have a solid understanding of the game and its mechanics. Chivalry is very enjoyable game in my opinion but suffers from a playerbase that seems to whine over every little thing. This is true for all members of the game including some of the most skilled and experienced players I have come across. While there are plenty of good and respectful people in the community, the overwhelming number of people who do nothing but complain makes some newer members lose interest in the game.

    I see no benefit of ruining the potential enjoyment others could recieve from this game and therefore have decided to start this clan in which I will attempt to go against the immaturity of many players.

    Due to the nature of this clan, I expect to be recruiting many newer members… However, I do hope to create not only a mature clan but also a clan that can hold its own in battle and therefore will be looking for skilled players as well.

    In conclusion, Chivalry is a game and with that in mind our main priority should be having fun. I look forward to finding new members and working together to become mature and skilled members that contribute greatly to the community.

    Below is a list of other important information:

    Warrior Code

    1. Relax and Have Fun - If someone kills you don’t freak out and start raging or whining. If someone catches you off guard or fients you, that is not a valid reason to get all pissed off. You are never going to convince the thousands of people who play this game to play the way you want them to so there is no reason to try. If you’re upset just keep it to yourself because most likely no one else cares.
    2. Be Respectful - While having fun is important, make sure to show respect to your teammates and opponents. Be nice to new members and represent our caln well.
    3. Work Together - When we participate in events as a clan, it is important we work on developing our teamwork skills over individual glory. After all, isn’t that the point of a clan?
    4. Be Active - Obviously everyone has a life outside of the game and will not always be available to play. With that in mind be sure to at least keep the clan updated if you will not be available for extended periods of time.

    Server: Relentless Warriors -

    Kevin02 - Leader - Vanguard

    Ranking System (25 Members Max):
    2nd In Command(1)

    If you are interested, feel free to post your steam name below or join our server.

  • Is a mic a req. I don’t have one so I’ll join if it’s not…

  • Another NA clan?! Awesome! I look forward to seeing you guys grow. Maybe we could scrim sometime. :D

  • Since Monkey is now a mod here, I’ve been bullied into making postings on behalf of the =SM= clan. So if there are any questions or you’re interested in joining give me a holla

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