• is pleased to announce weekly PUGs. PUGs (or pick up games) are fun matches with a mix of competitive and non-competitive experienced players. Expect to see a large variety in the style of these PUGs as a result of varying numbers of participants and game modes. You may have a 10 v 10 TO, a 13 v 13 CTF, a 5 v 5 LTS, etc. The game mode and numbers will be either predetermined or determined at the time of the PUG.

    This portion of will be headed up by a veteran PUG director, ia. | UnbornAssassin, though there will be other officials and competitive players directing them from week to week as well. Many competitive players have participated in PUGs, most recently those hosted by ia. For those of you who haven’t, they are a great time! Additionally, for skilled players who are interested in competitive play, this can be a great way to get noticed by clans and be recruited.

    We will be investing in a large TS server to be used for the NA PUGs. To provide the funding for this, we are looking to the community. There are at least 10-20 regular PUG players that I know of. If all of you and a few more were to contribute just a few dollars, we could get this up and running. If you are interested in helping this get off its feet, please donate money via paypal at This money will be used to pay for the PUG server and TS. Thanks!

  • Pleeeez donate and come have fun :D

    Edit: Donation not necessary to have fun. (Actually it is in a way) no donations=no server…so yeah.

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