Problem Dodge Not Working

  • A the title said. Sometimes when I’m in combat dodge will just stop working, sometimes for a single dodge, or sometimes for a longer period. Obviously this is extremely annoying as you rely on dodging to avoid swings, so if dodge doesn’t work you will get hit and probably die. This isn’t just a problem of me not pressing the dodge button hard enough, sometimes dodge will stop working for a long period of time and seems to be remedied by tapping sprint.

    TB really needs to fix this bug fast, I am sick to death of dying to noobs because of this bug.

  • Mod

    Dodge as far as I know has a cool-down timer of sorts. Otherwise you could dodge all over the map. What the value of this cool-down timer I know not.

    Also, if you are using the thrown dagger weapon you will not be able to dodge. Also I do not know why but it sounds fair in my opinion, or at least I’ll be inclined to say I am not really bothered.

    Do you rely on dodges to move around in combat? If so- why?

  • Nah User, he’s right. Recently I’ve been playing man at arms and sometimes dodge just will not function at all. It’s like a state you’re stuck in, and you have to feint a strike or crouch before you can continue dodging again.

    Also this probably belongs in bug reports.

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