Find clans for friendly match

  • Hi guys I’m Dant.
    I’m one of the Chivalry players of Korea.
    I’m running a Clan, [CoCoA] which has 13 members, and frankly it is weak in Korea.
    However it is the most active and now I want to have a friendly match with overseas clans.

    I don’t mind the countries of clans; Asia, Europe, or America.
    The first objective of this friendly match is not to win or lose but to interchange experience and to give the members fun afresh.

    Especially in case of Europe or America, there is a high ping, so it is hard to contest precisely, so I think it is also hard to have a accurate competition. But I don’t care, cause it’s just for fun.

    Anyway, Clans wanted to interchange, please search [CoCoA-M]Dant in steam and contact me.

    Thank you

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